Building Permits

Building permits are required for any project with an estimated contractors cost of $5,000.00 or more and also for fences, sheds, decks or any time ground is being covered that was not previously covered. Fences require a survey done by a surveyor.


For smaller projects or remodeling, click on the Building Permit Form below.  


For a fence please use the fence permit/application below. A plat survey is required for fences, sheds, decks, or any time ground is being covered that was not previously covered.


For a NEW construction form, please click on the State Building Permit link below. The City of Seymour will only accept permits for one and two family homes after the builder or owner has submit the State online permit application.  After the permit has been completed, the plans, heat calcs, plot plans, etc. can be brought to the City Clerk's office at 328 N Main St., Seymour WI 54165.


Inspection Contacts:

  • Paul Hermes is the Residential Building Inspector and can be reached at 920-858-0102.
  • Commercial Inspections are done by the State of WI.- Commercial projects need to be submit on the online system called eSLA.
  • General Engineering can be reached at or 608-742-2169 for inspection of commercial property.


The City of Seymour only issues permits within the City of Seymour jurisdiction.  Please call before issuing a check as the City makes final determination of fees due. If you have questions, please call 920-833-2209.