Garbage & Recycling Pick-up

Garbage Guidelines

Grey containers are for garbage. The container is owned by the City and stay with property. If you have a lot of garbage and need an additional cart, the cost is $100.00.  The cart is still owned by the City.

Residential garbage is picked up on Tuesdays.  Businesses contract for their service.

Please have the container to the curb no later than 6:00 a.m. on Tuesdays, but not earlier than 48 hours before.

All garbage must fit in the container with the lid closed.

Large Garbage Items

Items should be broke down to fit in garbage container if possible.  If not possible, you must call Harter's at 1-888-804-8556 to schedule a pickup.  Only 2 items will be picked up every other week (the same week as recycling).  DO NOT place items by curb until you have called Harter's to schedule the pick-up date.

Harter's may pick up the following for a fee: appliances, carpeting, drywall, windows, wood, doors.


Per law, the following items are not allowed in garbage:

Liquids, carcasses, asbestos, chemicals, explosives, hazardous waste, tires - call Outagamie County at 920-832-4475 for directions.

TV's, computers, microwaves, items with cords can be taken to City Garage-445 Municipal Dr. for a small fee.


Recycling Guidelines

Recycling is contracted through Outagamie County and picked up by LRS 1-920-759-0501. 

Information on recycling can be found at


Please see below for a calendar with the garbage, recycling, large item pickup, and brush.