Water & Sewer Utility

Sign up for e-bills for your water & sewer account here: https://www.paymentservicenetwork.com/Login.aspx?acc=RT24196


Call the City Clerk's office at 920-833-2209 for water and sewer questions or help setting up your account.


The City of Seymour does not give credit for filling pools. A water only meter would need to be installed to avoid paying sewer fees. The meter needs to be installed by a plumber and the monthly cost for the meter is $4.70. On average 3,000 gallons of extra water would need to be used to pay for the 2nd meter.

Pressure on the north end of town is 70 psi and the pressure on the south end on the hill near the water tower is about 52 psi

Hardness content is 17-19 grains (291-325 parts per million)

Customers can sign up for Eye on Water to be able to view consumption (usage). Visit https://eyeonwater.com/signup to create your online account.  See the instructions below.


Water & Sewer rates can be found on the link below